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 Click on this link (About Petroglyphs) to learn more about Ancient Native American symbols and their various interpretations.

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Located just 1 mile from the Southern Entrance to Zion National Park.
   Our Tee Shirts are of the highest quality, 100% pre-shrunk cotton.  We offer a wide variety of garment dyed colors as well as standard white.  
933 Zion Park Blvd./PO Box 326, Springdale, Utah   84767      PHONE: 435-772-3456
Zion Canyon Offerings, Est. 1994
   We specialize in our own exclusive designs, on T-s that are created in house, representing petroglyphs and pictographs of the American Southwest.
Zion Canyon Offerings, est. 1994 
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Southwestern & Petroglyph Designs
Zion T-Shirts
All Work Done In-House
Design 07 & 08.  "Shaman -Warriors"  A Medicine Man (shaman) offering a blessing to two warriors preparing for battle.
Design 01 & 02.  Kokopelli, "Hikied it-Liked it"   We used our artistic talent to customize Kokopelli as a happy hiker for vistors to Zion National Park.  Kokopelli is shown frequently in Southwest Native American Rock Art  created  by the Anasazi and Fremont Indiians.
Desine 04 & 05.  "Opposing Kokopellis"  in a musical duet spreading happiness and good will to the people.
Design 06.  We know her as the "Raindancer".  She dances in the crop planting ceremony to bing rain to nourish the crops.  The fingers from her arm represents rain and the large half circle is a rainbow.
Design 09, "Hand -Spiral-Sun." The hand has been found frquently in the Southwest and the interpretaions as to its meaning are diverse.  Many say it means "I was here". The sun represents happiness.  The spiral might mean a journey or path.
Design 07& 08.  "Shaman -Warriors"  A Medicine Man (shaman) offering a blessing to two warriors preparing for battle.
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